St Vincent and The Grenadines

Crewed Yacht Charters around the 'Land of the Blessed'

This is an example of a 7-night crewed charter around St Vincent and The Grenadines. A perfect trip for those of you wanting to get some relaxation and maybe some hands-on experience sailing with lots of pampering in the Caribbean.

This trip itinerary is approximately 115 nautical miles and is suitable for all levels of sailor – from complete beginner to salty sea dog!

If you want to make any changes to the itinerary, just let us know. We are happy to mix things up to make sure you have a holiday to remember.

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DaySample Itinerary

Meet your crew, Sam, and Neil in the Blue Lagoon Marina, in St Vincent, and get settled on board sailing yacht Nemo. The marina is approximately 15 minutes from Argyle International Airport. After your guest briefing, we will sail to Wallilabou for our evening anchorage and a chance to visit one of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie sets. Dinner will be on board Nemo under the stars.


This morning we will sail to the jet set island of Mustique, giving you a chance to practice your upwind sailing techniques at the helm with Captain Neil. Once we have anchored you can relax on board the yacht or play with the snorkels, kayak, and paddleboard. Enjoy an island tour with Boom Boom the taxi driver. Then have cocktails ashore at the newly remodeled Basil’s Bar, followed by a yummy dinner on board your charter yacht.


After breakfast we will have a longish sail to Mayreau, giving you plenty of time to take in the spectacular views and have a go on the helm if you so wish. We will anchor in Salt Whistle Bay, which has a wonderful coconut tree-lined beach. Take a stroll along the soft white sand and visit some of the local stalls or pop across to the next Bay and check out the kite surfers. We will head ashore for a tasty local BBQ, which can include Lobster in season.


Union Island is the capital of The Grenadines, and we will anchor in Clifton for lunch and some snorkelling off their amazing reef. If you fancy it, we can also head to see Mr King on Happy Island and partake in a cheeky afternoon rum cocktail! Then we will sail downwind to the stunning Chatham Bay for the evening and a delicious dinner on board.  This is another great bay for snorkelling, kayaking and paddle boarding. There are some great beach bars, like Vanessa’s, or pop to Aqua which has a beach-side swimming pool you can relax in with a rum punch.


Just a short sail away is one of the highlights of this yacht charter – the stunning Tobago Cays Marine Reserve. The snorkelling in the turquoise water is incredible. Hopefully, you will get to swim with some Hawksbill Turtles as they munch on the seagrass in the anchorage. We will have a yummy dinner on board Nemo.


A slightly longer sail as we head towards beautiful Admiralty Bay in Bequia. We will definitely be getting some tacking practice in today! Before we leave we will head around the reefs to Petit Tabac, the last island before Barbados and one of the locations for the first Pirate of the Caribbean movie – Curse of The Black Pearl. We will arrive in Bequia in time for cocktails and dinner ashore the many fabulous restaurants, so you get a chance to experience the fabulous local food.


We will have the chance for a lovely relaxing morning in Bequia today. Take a stroll along the waterfront walkway or jump in for a snorkel right of the back of Nemo. After lunch, we will then sail to Young Island for our last night’s anchorage and dinner under the stars in Nemo’s cockpit. If you have the energy, we would highly recommend a walk up 200+ steps on Fort Duvernette where you will get to see a stunning sunset!


Our last morning will see us head to the Blue Lagoon Marina in St Vincent.

This is an example of our sailing charter route in Google Maps, including photos of each of the anchorages. Please note that our sailing vacation itineraries may change due to your requests and weather conditions.

Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent, which is the main island, is about 18 miles long and made imposing by La Soufrière, its volcano, which last erupted in 1979. Thick banks of clouds typically shroud La Soufrière, making its peak a rare sight. Guides lead hikes that wind through the surrounding forest for a close-up view.  Let us know if you would like to include a hike to La Soufrière during your crewed yacht charter and will happily organise one for you.

St. Vincent’s other natural attractions include the Falls of Baleine, spectacular cascades that are accessible only by boat when we anchor at Cumberland Bay.

Young Island situated only 200 yards off the southern shores of the mainland is a privately-owned resort. With a few moorings, this is a wonderful place to stay on our first night as it also means we can walk up the 200+ steps of Fort Duvernette and get wonderful views of the south coast and Bequia.

A necklace of 32 islands and cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most popular destinations in the world for sailors, who flock here for its numerous uncrowded anchorages and charming ports of call. Snorkellers and divers are drawn by the many underwater attractions, especially the turtle rich Tobago Cays. And those who just want to get away from it all are drawn to the remote private-island resorts, with their secluded black and white sand beaches and lush tropical vegetation.

One of the stalls we go to in Saint Vincent's fabulous fresh market.

Wallilabou on a beautiful day

Perry the boat boy welcoming us to Cumberland Bay

Fort Duvernette...200 steps to the top!


Mustique is a renowned 1,400-acre private island known as a favourite hideaway for the rich and famous. Once ashore it is well worth taking a taxi tour with Boom Boom, one of the local guides, and you will get to see the vast contrast between this island and all those around it. After the tour, a drink or dinner in Basil’s Bar is a must.

Sweet Pie Bakery on Mustique

Boom Boom, a local tour guide on Mustique

Calypso sign at Basil's Pop-up Bar in Mustique

The airfield on Mustique


Just northeast of the Tobago Cays, this tiny island has scarcely 300 residents but its lovely palm-lined beach, Salt Whistle Bay, is dreamy and magical and does wonderful beach BBQs for all the yachts.  Salt Whistle and Windward Bay are two other stunning anchorages, and are a little more secluded for those of you who want to escape from everything!

Nemo anchored in Saline Bay, Mayreau

A delicious BBQ in Salt Whistle Bay.

The Righteous Brother's Bar on Mayreau

Tobago Cays as seen from Mayreau

Union Island

With its mountain peaks and colourful market, it is the ideal place for snorkelling and picking up some provisions.  When we anchor in Clifton, snorkelling is a must. As is a visit to Happy Island to see Mr King and grab a tasty rum drink. Chatham Bay is also a stunning anchorage with one of the best snorkelling spots we have found and is often an anchorage spot for us.

Mr King making us rum punches with fresh nutmeg on Happy Island.

A 'pirate' enjoying a quiet beer in paradise.

One of the stalls at the fabulous fresh fruit and vegetable market.

Life is definitely better with a coffee from the Snack Shack!

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays is famous for its protected turquoise waters. The waters of the Tobago Cays are populated with Hawksbill sea turtles which provide friendly swimming companions, making the experience of swimming in the Tobago Cays a magical and memorable one. Petit Tabac just inside World End’s Reef, with only space for three yachts to anchor, is also a favourite stop of ours too…a real deserted island.

SY Nemo anchored in Tobago Cays.

Being welcomed by the park rangers.

A Hawksbill Turtle swimming with us in Tobago Cays.

Aerial view of the islands.


Lying just a few miles south of St. Vincent, Bequia, the largest of the Grenadines islands has only one real town, Port Elizabeth. It is a charming, sleepy port of call with a pedestrian footpath that stretches around most of the bay. Shops feature the works of model shipbuilders. Among the attractions are the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary and a number of galleries and artisans’ shops. We always anchor here on our trips as the people are lovely, the waters are crystal clear and the bars and restaurants are fantastic.

Beautiful Port Elizabeth.

A beach on the way to the East Coast.

Pizza Hut Bequia Style!

Sunset at anchor.